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Gillette Club

Gillette briefed us to create an online ad that would raise awareness of their new razor subscription service,

the only way to get discounts on Gillette products.


We ended up with a 90 second film and a 60" that ran on TV during Euro 2016 across Britain, Germany, Holland and Italy.



CD: Will Adam
Director: Kai Von Schonrath (Nice Shirt Films)

Gillette Club 1
Gillette Club 2
Gillette Club 3

Gillette Club 2.0

One year on from the first campaign's success, Gillette tasked us with creating some fresh work in the same world

that we had established with the original ad.

This script sees our Gillette mobsters at a meet-up transaction with some London gang members to pass on some savings.

The other film shows a pair of London mobsters on a stake out, trying to find out how a rival gang are managing to save so much money.

Directed by Kai Von Schonrath (Nice Shirt)

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